Parameters, operating mode, bus access and all other aspects are controlled using attributes. In Signalyzer world - everything is an Attribute. From the prospective of Embedded Developer Attributes can also be viewed as set of variable width registers. Writing a value to an Attribute (or Register) will result in certain action. Reading a value from Attribute will also produce a certain action and return the read value. Type of action will depend on Attribute being accessed.

For example, a write to “PORT_OPERATING_MODE” will cause the device to reconfigure itself to a particular mode, writing to “*_DATA” attribute will result in data being output onto Signalyzer Port pins formatted for selected mode.

Aattributes are grouped by its function and its scope:

CORE, PORT and QUEUE attributes are available regardless of selected operation mode. Other attributes are operating mode specific and only accessible if this particular operating mode is active on given port.

Please refer to corresponding attribute group for detailed attribute description.